Nairobi R & R

During our last day in Nairobi, we visited the Kisumu Impala & Nairobi Animal Orphanage (think zoo) and saw an impressive variety of animals, including hogwart (or is that warthog), a zeedonk (zebra-donkey) with donkey top and stripes below the knees, a cheetah, leopards, and more of the animals we saw yesterday in the national park.  Then, we made it just in time to see baby elephants.

After lunch, we toured traditional huts, which vavy by tribe, and watched a two-hour performance of tribal dances at the Bomas Center, which was spectacular.

Dinner, then to the airport for our trip home.  Two 7-8 hour flights with one night on a plane and a morning in London and now, home again, ready for work this morning.  Well, ready as I can be.

PS My pictures of this last day were lost when my iPad was stolen during dinner on our last night in Nairobi.

Last morning in Nairobi

Last night, during a walk through our hotel’s neighborhood on the next block, a few of us discovered Nairobi Java House, where we had a delicious dinner, exciting because the menu included many American foods. We had ice cream smoothies, corn chowder, a quesadilla, and a veggie burger served with Heinz catchup! That might not sound like such a big deal, but after three weeks of mostly African food, we were thrilled. We’ll be back for breakfast, too, as there is also cappuccino on the coffee menu.

Random thoughts

We’re in Nairobi and it’s Sunday, August 19, late afternoon. Lucy and I are resting in our room, anticipating tomorrow night’s flight home. The plan for Monday is to visit an elephant orphanage and perhaps a giraffe orphanage, too, before heading for the airport.

Today we visited a crafts fair, for picking up souvenirs, then visited the Kenyan History Museum, which included stuffed versions of all the beautiful animals that we saw roaming the plains yesterday and a large display of birds. There was also contemporary and traditional art, a snake zoo with creatures like crocodiles and boa constrictors. Interesting descriptions, such as a couple of snakes described as friendly, however their sting was poisonous.

There was one section with art for sale, with one piece that I wanted. I didn’t buy it, but it has stayed on my mind. There is still time tomorrow . . .

I am tired of taking pictures, so may not keep that kind of record of my last day here. We’ll see.